Wednesday, October 8, 2008

September 2008 Progress Report

September 2008 Progress Report

  • Meetings with Fadila, Head for Food Services Prep at Simpson Dining, 4:30 PM on Wednesday's at Simpson Dining Hall.
  • Secured a Vegetarian Section in Simpson Dining. Located on the right side as you enter, just at the front of the line. This section is exclusively vegetarian and anything in this area will be vegetarian, no questions needed to be asked.
  • Working on placing labels for the vegan dishes in the Vegetarian Section to differentiate between the foods.
  • Nutritional information is being composed as of today's date and we will be working on promoting this to the student body.
  • Fadila is accepting recipes for vegetarian and vegan dishes to be placed in the section every day. We can have 6 per day, 7 days a week. Currently, we are testing with 3 per day with 2 entree's and 1 side dish.
  • E-mail all recipes you can donate or share to Alexis Scherba at or Caitlin DeRango at
  • Promoting the Vegetarian Section, Nutritional Fact information, and the Recipe Donations with 3 signs around Simpson Dining.
  • Nina's Cyber Cafe in the basement of 25 E. Pearson now is serving tofu and hummus daily at their wrap making station. They placed a sign for us at the wrap station stating this.
  • Terry Student Center Cafeteria in Baumhart Hall (26 E. Pearson) is now serving tofu at their sandwich making area upon request.
  • Soy cheeze was ordered for the wrap and burger stations at Simpson Dining. Tofu and edamame were asked to be placed at the salad bar. Seitan was ordered for the recipes as well.
  • Vegan cheeze and vegetable pizza with soy cheeze are being made now at Simpson Dining.
  • If a student has any question regarding their food choice at Simpson Dining, they are more than welcome to ask one of the chefs and they will assist them with their questions.
  • Caitlin is working on a survey to find out what the students wish to have or wish to better at Loyola Dining.

More to come for the month of October. Remember, please keep sending Caitlin and I recipes. It is of great help for us and the entire student body!

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Caitlin DeRango said...

I might also add that we are trying to get the word out to vegans that they can work with the directors and chefs of the dining halls to create specific meal plans that fit their dietary regulations