Monday, March 30, 2009

March 2009 Report

Update from 3/30/09:
  • Nutritional information placed in the pizza station of Simpson Dining
  • Working on nutritional information for cereal, deli, and breakfast this week at Simpson Dining
  • Will finish nutritional information for all of Simpson Dining by the end of the year --> complete and up at all times next year
  • Standardized pizza at Simpson Dining: same quantity for every day of every type
  • Created a special standard for vegans: no cheese, no sauce pizza
  • Took out the coffee bar in Terry's at WTC --> put the coffee equipment through campuses such as at Rambler Room
  • Submit recipes online?: --> I'm not seeing the link, though...
  • We need more input on LSD options for vegetarians and vegans --> please send your thoughts!
  • Divine Chocolate (fair trade) sold at Southside Market and Market 820 --> going to add to Union Station too
  • Putting 100% juice other than OJ in Simpson Dining (ex: grade or cranberry)
  • Earth Day: only vegetables and fish at Simpson Dining
  • Reusable bags: SEA bags get 10% off at Southside and Market 820 totals
  • Travelers Mugs: just started --> discount for those who use a travelers mug at the coffee bar in Rambler or the IC --> will have Loyola and Metropolis logos on the mugs
Nutritional information example.

Questions given to be answered at a later date for Water Tower Campus Dining:
  • Terry's : cheeseless pizza, please?
  • Terry's: tofu at the wrap station as an options + advertisement of such option
  • Terry's: salad bar at the bar station (where the baked potato bar is, etc.)
  • Terry's: vegetaran/vegan soup option
  • Nina's: vegetarian/vegan soup option
  • Overall: pre-made vegan sandwiches?
  • Overall: vegan baked goods?

Example of now vegan pre-packaged Thai food!