Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 2009 Report

Simpson Dining Hall Meeting (11/30):
  • Ongoing basic options:
- Tofu & hummus at the salad bar
- Hummus at deli station
- Hummus & pita bread every day near pizza station
- Rice daily
  • Talked about various recipes from the books bought last year, from Sustainability Week, and the binder created last year
  • Asked Simpson Dining to add:
- Faux deli meats to deli station (such as Tofurky & Field Roast Co.)
- Soy or rice cheeses for deli station (ex: Tofutti)
- Soy yogurt for breakfast in the morning (Silk brand)
- Vegan chicken nuggets
- Vegan mashed potatoes
- Vegan mac 'n cheese (continued from last year)
- Fake meat crumbles for Mexican bar
- Faux sour cream for Mexican bar
  • Asked for Southside Market to add:
- Vegan chicken nuggets
- Faux deli meat
- Soy or rice cheeses
- Soy yogurt
- Faux sour cream
- Faux cream cheese
  • Improvements have been made throughout the dining hall and in Southside, but some thoughts for the future:
- Better black bean burgers
- More vegan "fast food" things/ items that college students would typically eat and can make fast
- Thinking of replacing the Thai food from previous years that was available "to go" in Southside, etc. with something vegetarian/vegan friendly --> looking for new distributor currently
- Possibility of vegetable juice for breakfast --> buying a quality blender
- Cage-free, organic, or local eggs used more widely if they can be bought in bigger quantities (Simpson uses a pre-packaged egg mix for their food - difficult to make transition over to any of the above options)
- More vegan baked goods! (when they were introduced before by dining services they were a big hit, two cakes were gone in a half hour!)
  • Dining Services will also be contacting the popular makers of the Sweet Miss Givings treats to see if they can use recipes so vegan baked goods would be available to students at all dining locations and markets
  • Contact sushi distributor for more vegan/vegetarian sushi options through markets
  • Fadila will give Lake Shore Dining some of the vegan cookbooks and the binder made last year with recipes so they can have a good support for their rotating vegetarian and vegan dishes
Meetings will resume next semester! Happy Holidays!